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Blursday lace jumpsuit

Blursday lace jumpsuit


Design :

• Soft, stretchy Lace

• Relaxed fit shape

• Beige lining

• Tank jumpsuit

• Lace edge


Size Fit : Blursday lace jumpsuit


Bust : 32” or 81 cm.

Waist : 25” or 71 cm.

Hip : 35” or 89 cm.

Length : 34” or 86.5 cm


Bust : 34” or 86.5 cm.

Waist : 27” or 68.5 cm.

Hip : 37” or 94 cm.

Length : 35” or 89 cm


Instruction care :

• No bleach

• Wash in cold water


Fabric : stretchable mesh, nylon lingerie lining


Every pieces are handmade in house by our skilled tailors.


Our lining are made from high quality dead-stock fabricMost of the deadstock fabrics are known to get dumped, landfilled or incinerated. Why wouldn't we try to reduce Textile Waste by using them?Because we use deadstock from the fabric hunter agency for selecting surplus high-quality fabric, we only find limited amounts. So we decided to use them as a lining for our Blursday collection. Which mean every pieces of this collection have different and un-repeat lining.Benefits- Reduce textile waste- Reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from production house

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